We love your machine as if it were our own.  If your machine is running louder than usual or breaking threads often, then it is probably time for a little tlc.  Let us make it run like it did the first day you bought it or even better.  Joe has been certified by several companies to do repairs and/or tune ups on all makes and models from Featherweights to the new embroidery machines.  Many of our customers won't take their loved machines anywhere but to Joe for all their needs.

Please bring in your machine before you need it for those special projects so it is ready for you to do your best sewing.

Call for pricing....

Diagnostic available for a small fee.

Expedited service for a small fee.

Joe also offers a warranty program you can purchase on your sewing machine after it has been evaluated by him for 1, 2 or 3 years.  This program includes an annual tune up for free.  Call for more details.

NEW..NEW.. Rental machines are now available while your machine is being repaired.  We know some of you can't be without your machines due to projects in progress or home businesses, so Joe has started renting out Janome machines for your convenience. Ask us about this new program when you drop off your machine for a tune up or repair.

NEW...NEW...NEW...NEW... Pick up and drop off at your home.  We know some of our customers have special circumstances that make it difficult for them to bring in and pick up their own machine.  Please call and ask us about this new service.

Joe also has special machines to sharpen most any blade.  Garden tools, knives, scissors, hairdresser shears and more.  Call and talk to Joe or drop off your shears or knives and Joe will put a nice new edge on them.